High-Quality Bariatric Surgery Cost in India

How much does bariatric surgery cost in India?

The estimated cost of Bariatric Surgery in India ranges between USD 6400 to USD 7800. depends on the calculation of BMI, the doctor decides whether the patient is fit for the Bariatric Surgery or not.

Hospital stay is of approximately 2 days and 5 days outside the hospital.

Tests required before the surgery are Gallbladder Ultrasound, Pulmonary Function Test, Echocardiogram, GI Evaluation, Cardiology Evaluation, Psychiatric Evaluation, and Sleep Studies.

Bariatric surgery cost in India

What Is Bariatric surgery?

✅ Bariatric surgery is nothing but the common term collectively used for many types of weight-loss surgeries. These surgeries make changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight. They either limit the amount of food you can intake or reduce your ability to absorb nutrition and in some cases both.


✅ Such types of surgeries are done when diet or exercise plans have not worked out for the person and when the person has some serious health condition as a result of their weight. Gastric bypass is the most common type of bariatric surgery and most surgeons prefer this surgery as it usually has fewer complications than other weight-loss surgeries do.


✅ These surgeries generally pose major risks and side effects and the patient has to make changes to their diet permanently and also schedule a fixed exercise regime so that they can ensure the lasting success of bariatric surgeries.

How Does Bariatric Surgery Work?

✅ Bariatric surgery work by changing the anatomy of your gastrointestinal tract (stomach and digestive system) or by causing different physiologic changes in your body that change your energy balance and fat metabolism.


✅ By changing your gastrointestinal anatomy, certain bariatric procedures affect the production of intestinal hormones in a way that reduces hunger and appetite and increases feelings of fullness (satiety).


✅ The end result is reduction in the desire to eat and in the frequency of eating. Interestingly, these surgically-induced changes in hormones are opposite to those produced by dietary weight loss.

How Does Bariatric Surgery Help?

✅ Bariatric surgery, sometimes called weight loss surgery, is a group of surgeries that typically involve making the stomach smaller in some fashion. It’s a tool to help people lose weight. It helps by limiting the amount of food a person eats, both because the stomach can now hold less and often by decreasing hunger through hormonal effects of the surgeries. I will review the two most common Bariatric surgeries below.


✅ The Gastric Sleeve, or Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is the most popular weight loss surgery. It is done by removing a large portion of your stomach. The stomach you are left with is narrow and long, shaped like a banana. The stomach makes a hormone called ghrelin, which your brain receives and signals appetite to increase. With so much of the stomach cut out, ghrelin levels drop, so you experience less hunger and craving. So it works through both reduced capacity and reduced hunger

\Advantages and Disadvantages of Bariatric surgery?

✅ Advantages

  • Average weight loss after the is generally higher if the patient rigorously follows instructions than with other restrictive procedures.
  • Weight loss of about 77 percent of excess body weight within a year.
  • Controls amount of food that can be consumed.
  • Prevents and limits intake of sweets.
  • It sustains long-term weight loss results.

✅ Disadvantage

  • Because the duodenum is bypassed, poor absorption of iron and calcium can result in the lowering of total body iron. This may lead to iron deficiency anemia.
  • Chronic anemia due to Vitamin B12 deficiency may occur. This problem usually can be managed with Vitamin B12 pills or injections.
  • A condition known as “dumping syndrome” can occur as the result of rapid emptying of stomach contents into the small intestine.
    In some cases, the procedure’s effectiveness may lessen if the stomach pouch is stretched.
  • The bypassed portion of the stomach, duodenum and segments of the small intestine cannot be easily visualised using X-ray or endoscopy if problems such as ulcers, bleeding or malignancy occur.

Who Can Get Bariatric Surgery?

✅ Bariatric surgery can be done by the same people. The person who has a BMI of Body Mass Index is 35 to 40, then the person can get bariatric surgery. And the body mass index of a normal adult should be in the range of 19 to 25. If your weight increases then your body mass index also increases. If your body mass index is between 25 and 30 then the person who is overweight begins to appear. If your weight is constantly growing. So, during that time your BMI, ie body mass index goes above 30, the people whose BMI goes above 30. They can also get rid of obesity with medical help. But not every person of obesity in obese bariatric surgery Can pass. That is why it is important for him that your BMI should be between 35 and 40. Many times there is a special health condition, then the patient is allowed to undergo bariatric surgeries with a BMI below 35.


Bariatric Surgery Procedures are:

types of bariatric surgery

✅ Gastric Sleeve:-

  • Gastric sleeve surgery (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) removes about 80% of the stomach. As a result, patients will feel less hungry, feel full sooner after eating, lose up to 3/4 of their excess weight and improve or cure their obesity-related health problems.
  • This procedure concentrates on cutting down large portions of the stomach in the shape of a thin vertical sleeve or tube.
  • This surgical procedure reduces more than half of the patient’s body weight.
  • As the ghrelin hormone is removed during the surgery, appetite of the patient is reduced and he or she can have any food in small quantities.
  • The most affordable destination for Gastric Sleeve is India. Treatment cost starts from USD 4,205.

✅ Gastric Band Surgery

  • The surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach to create a small pouch to hold food. The band limits the amount of food you can eat by making you feel full after eating small amounts of food.
  • The most affordable destination for Gastric Band Surgery is Mexico and Tunisia. Treatment cost starts from USD 4,500.

✅ Gastric Balloon Treatment

  • An Intragastric balloon is a newer kind of weight-loss procedure. A saline-filled silicone balloon is placed in your stomach, which helps you lose weight by limiting how much you can eat. It also makes you feel fuller faster.
  • The most affordable destination for Gastric Balloon Treatment is Ukraine. Treatment cost starts from USD 357.

✅ Gastric Plication

  • Gastric plication surgery functions much like the gastric sleeve by creating a smaller stomach that restricts the amount of food you can eat. Short-term results are promising: substantial weight loss, drastic improvement of obesity-related health problems and a low complication rate.
  • The most affordable destination for Gastric Plication is Mexico. Treatment cost starts from USD 1,500.

✅ Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Gastric bypass surgery makes the stomach smaller and reroutes the intestines. As a result, patients will feel full sooner when eating and eat less, absorb fewer minerals, lose up to two-thirds of their excess weight within 2 years and have significant health improvement.
  • With the help of gastric bypass surgery one can experience 60 – 70% weight loss. Some even loose weight in about 18 – 24 months.
  • As this surgical procedure cuts down the appetite and weight of the patient, many of the other problems, which go hand-in-hand with obesity, like diabetes and high blood pressure are also reduced.

After Bariatric Surgery

✅ After weight-loss surgery, you generally won’t be allowed to eat for one to two days so that your stomach and digestive system can heal. Then, you’ll follow a specific diet for a few weeks. The diet begins with liquids only, then progresses to pureed, very soft foods, and eventually to regular foods. You may have many restrictions or limits on how much and what you can eat and drink.


✅ You’ll also have frequent medical checkups to monitor your health in the first several months after weight-loss surgery. You may need laboratory testing, blood work and various exams.


✅ Gastric bypass and other bariatric surgeries can provide long-term weight loss. The amount of weight you lose depends on your type of surgery and your change in lifestyle habits. It may be possible to lose half, or even more, of your excess weight within two years.

In addition to weight loss, gastric bypass surgery may improve or resolve conditions often related to being overweight, including:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Osteoarthritis (joint pain)
  • Gastric bypass surgery can also improve your ability to perform routine daily activities, which could help improve your quality of life.

Frequently asked questions about Bariatric Surgery

Q. Why Choose Bariatric Surgery in India?

A. Highly affordable Bariatric Surgery Cost in India
The presence of World class and Top Affordable Bariatric Surgeons in India

talking about the hospitals and medical centers in India dealing with bariatric surgeries and Cost of Bariatric Surgery in India, are par with the global benchmark. These are equipped with high end facilities and machines that play a vital role in fixing the obesity issues. So, when you plan your weight loss surgery in India, you get top quality services at much affordable cost

Q. What is the success rate of bariatric surgery?

A. Bariatric Surgery in India has high success rate about 90-95% of people loosing desired amount of weight. Bariatric surgery also called weight loss surgery or obesity surgery. It helps obese people to loose weight and get back in proper shape. It is the process of reducing the size of stomach. Potentially obese person should learn far more about bariatric surgery before considering it. Here, are a few things one must know about bariatric surgery.


Best Bariatric Surgeons in India

  1. Dr. Ajay Kumar Kriplani
  2. Dr. Rashmi Pyasi
  3. Dr. Mayank Manjul Madan
  4. Dr. Adarsh Chaudhary
  5. Dr. Paritosh S Gupta
  6. Dr Randeep Wadhawan
  7. Dr Pradeep Chowbey
  8. Dr. Rakesh Durkhure
  9. Dr. Deep Goel
  10. Dr. Arun Prasad

Best Bariatric Surgery Hospitals in India

  1. Fortis Hospital
  2. Artemis Hospital
  3. Medanta Hospital
  4. CK Birla Hospital
  5. Manipal Hospital
  6. Max Hospital
  7. Apollo Hospital
  8. W-pratikasha Hospital
  9. Blk Hospital
  10. Paras Hospital

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