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Backed by highly advanced techniques and with more then 25 years of experience in the field, our Best Neurosurgeons In India offer a wide range of surgical procedures, both conventional and minimally invasive using hi-tech imaging guidance, to treat various ailments related to the brain surgery in both adult as well as paediatric patients.


Some Brain cancer patients are treated with stereotactic radiosurgery, which may include use of a Gamma Knife, but this is not a surgery in the common understanding of the term, and the “knife” is not actually a knife. Radiosurgery is an external radiation treatment that does not involve an incision. Special equipment, like the brand-name Gamma Knife, precisely delivers a high dose of radiation that targets tumors or other lesions, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Best Neurosurgeons In India

Dr. V. P. Singh, Best Neurosurgeon In India

Dr. V. P. Singh

Principal Director and Head, MBBS, MS, MCh, 36 years of experience.

✅ 100% Recommended
Dr. Rana Patir

Dr. Rana Patir

Director , MBBS, MS, MCh, Fellowship, 28 years of experience

✅ 99% Recommended
Dr Aditya Gupta

Dr Aditya Gupta

Director , MBBS, MCh, Fellowship, 27 years of experience

✅ 98% Recommended




Brain tumor surgery
Happy Patient after Successful Brain Tumor Surgery

A battery-operated medical device called an implantable pulse generator is implanted to deliver electrical stimulation to specific areas in the brain. DBS is most commonly used for movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

Brain tumor is a build-up of abnormal cells in the brain. It is dangerous since as the cancerous cells grow, they occupy the space of healthy cells. They can grow aggressively and use up essential blood and nutrients that healthy cells need.
If the patient is healthy, surgery is the best option to treat the condition. If it cannot be removed, then the aim is to control its growth. The procedure opted for changes based on factors like the type, size, and location of the tumour. The patient’s age and general health also play a decisive role. 

A VP shunt surgical procedure to remove additional fluid that circles around the brain and spinal cord. This fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). if CSF too much it’s harmful and puts pressure on the brain and skull.

Best Neurosurgery Hospitals In India

Medanta Hospital
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artemis Hospital

The above package cost is a tentative package, which includes initial investigations & specialists screening, stay in a room wherein the patient’s assistant or relative can also stay with the patient, doctor/surgeon fee, nursing care, medicines & consumables, airport pick-up & drop.

The Estimated Cost of Brain Surgery In India usually starts $5000 however, it may go up to as much as $30000. it depends on the hospital charges and the fee charged by the surgeon. 


On receiving your medical reports, we will revert to you within 24 hours with the right estimate package after getting your medical reports examined by the best team of doctors at the best hospitals in India. We will also assist you in the traveling part, which includes, airfare booking, medical visa invitation, airport pick-up and drop, hotel stay & visit for any sightseeing. With our 5 years of expertise in delivering highly caring International Patients Assistance Services, you can completely rely on us in every step of your recovery. Our all International Patient Assistance Services are FREE!!! as Medicare Spots is an official associate of India’s Best Hospitals & Specialists.