Brain Tumor Surgery Cost In India

Brain Tumor surgery cost in India

How Much Does Brain Tumor Surgery Cost In India?

Brain Tumor Surgery cost in India ranges between USD 5000 to USD 7200.
Treatment for brain tumors depends on the size, type, and location of the tumor.
Brain Tumor surgery requires you to stay in the hospital for 4 days and 15 days outside the hospital.
Tests required to diagnose a Brain Tumor are a Neurological Exam, MRI, and CT Scan.
Brain Tumor Surgery Success rate in India 95-98%.


Brain tumor is a build-up of abnormal cells in the brain. It is dangerous since as the cancerous cells grow, they occupy the space of healthy cells. They can grow aggressively and use up essential blood and nutrients that healthy cells need.
If the patient is healthy, surgery is the best option to treat the condition. If it cannot be removed, then the aim is to control its growth. The procedure opted for changes based on factors like the type, size, and location of the tumour. The patient’s age and general health also play a decisive role. 

The following are the available treatment options:

Brain tumor surgeries are of different types and could be done for both benign and malignant tumors. Traditionally, open surgery approach was followed based on the MRI/CT scans, however, our surgeons at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Medanta Hospital, Artemis Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Paras Hospital etc use Neuro- Navigation to perform real-time intra-operative guidance during brain surgery.


This increases the safety & precision of the surgery. Neuro- Navigation helps the surgeon to precisely localize the tumor and thus, limits the size of skull opening or craniotomy.


In Neuro- Navigation Guided Craniotomy, you will undergo Navigation screening protocol which assists the surgeon in planning tumor resection. Once you are shifted to the operating room, post anesthesia various fiducial markers are taped to the scalp and the orientation of these markers is used to register the computer containing the brain image. Once registration is completed, the computer can show the relationship of the surgical instruments to the imaged brain. In this procedure, either partial or complete removal of a tumor is undertaken.


In some cases, due to a risk of neurological damage, some part of the tumor may be left behind. In either procedure, a sample of the excised tissue is sent for histopathological examination to find out nature and type (Benign vs Malignant, grade) of the tumor. In most cases, the surgeon can tell if the tumor is likely to grow again based on the type of tumor.

High-powered rays are used to destroy tumour cells. This can be done through either external radiation over several weeks or implant radiation therapy over several days. Gamma-knife surgery or stereotactic surgery is a recent medical advance. It delivers concentrated radiation to the tumour from many angles. It requires only a single session.

Cost of radiation therapy for brain tumor in India Starts at USD 4000 to USD 7000.

Cancer-killing drugs are given to the patient either orally or by injection. In intrathecal chemotherapy, the drugs are injected to the cerebrospinal fluid. Chemotherapy generally extends over a long period of time.

Cost of Chemotherapy in India for Brain Tumor Starts at USD 800.

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