Low-Cost Shoulder replacement surgery In India

The average Cost of Shoulder Replacement surgery in India starts from $5000. The cost can be less or more depending on several factors including your medical condition, experience of the surgeon and the type of hospital you choose.

Low-Cost Shoulder replacement surgery In India - Medicare Spots

Shoulder replacement surgery involves replacing of damaged or infected shoulder joint by arthritis or injury. Shoulder replacement surgery is for patients who suffer from joint dysfunction which is generally the result of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or for patients who have sustained severe trauma from a shoulder fracture. This surgery is recommended only in case if the other modes of treatment such as physical therapy and medication have failed.

Who needs Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India?

The ball joint at the top of the humerus bone fits into the socket of the glenoid cavity in the scapula. These two bones are separated by cartilage that allows the socket to move freely without damage. The most common cause of damage to the cartilage is arthritis. When the cartilage becomes damaged by disease or wears out with age doctors may recommend a shoulder replacement surgery to restore comfortable movement to the joint. Shoulder replacement surgery is considered a last resort when other methods of treatment have failed. Doctors will attempt to treat the condition with medication and physical therapy before suggesting surgery.

Causes Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India

  • Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Post-traumatic
  • Arthritis Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy
  • Avascular Necrosis (Osteonecrosis)
  • Severe Fractures

When would you need a shoulder replacement surgery?

  • Severe shoulder pain that interferes with everyday activities, such as reaching into a cabinet, dressing, toileting, and washing.

  • Moderate to severe pain while resting. This pain may be severe enough to prevent a good night’s sleep.

  • Loss of motion and/or weakness in the shoulder.

  • Failure to substantially improve with other treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, or physical therapy.

What are the alternative options to shoulder replacement Surgery in India?

A shoulder arthroscopy procedure is frequently recommended people who have shoulder conditions that involve the surrounding ligaments, muscles and tendons, such as a:

Rotator cuff injury
Torn shoulder labrum

Arthroscopy is among the most common type of shoulder surgeries, and is attractive to many patients because it is minimally invasive. However, arthroscopic surgery primarily treats conditions that cause arthritis, rather than the arthritis itself. This treatment is generally useful in patients who do not yet have bone-on-bone arthritis.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India Preparation :

  • Before Shoulder replacement surgery surgeon provides information on the state of the joint space, the position of the humeral head in relation to the glenoid, the presence of bony defects or deformity, and the quality of the bone. If glenoid wear is observed, a computed tomography (CT) scan is usually performed to evaluate the degree of bone loss.

  • The treating physician usually performs a general medical evaluation several weeks before shoulder joint replacement surgery to assess the patient’s general health condition and risk for anesthesia.

  • The results of this examination are forwarded to the orthopedic surgeon, along with a surgical clearance.
    Patients are advised to eat properly and take a daily iron supplement some weeks before surgery.

  • Several types of tests are usually required, including blood tests, a cardiogram, a urine sample, and a chest x ray. Patients may be required to stop taking certain medications until surgery is over.

Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India

type of shoulder-replacement-surgery in India

Total shoulder replacement Surgery In India

It is an option for joint dysfunction. Joint dysfunction is mostly the result of conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, or sometimes for those who have sustained severe trauma from a shoulder fracture. In this type of replacement, the round end of the arm bone (humerus) will be replaced with an artificial stem with a rounded metal head.

The primary indication for a total shoulder replacement is pain that does not responds to non-surgical treatments

Partial shoulder replacement Surgery In India

when the humerus is replaced with a prosthetic metal implant. The other half of the shoulder joint is left intact. It is also known as shoulder hemiarthroplasty. It is useful for severe shoulder osteoarthritis in which only the humeral head is damaged.

Reverse total shoulder replacement Surgery In India:

It is for those who have damages to the muscles around the shoulders and have painful arthritis in their shoulders. In this procedure, the surgeon first removes the damaged bone and smooths the ends. Then he attaches the rounded joint piece to the shoulder bone and uses the cup-shaped piece to replace the top of the upper arm bone. So, in effect the position of the “ball” (humeral head) and “socket” (glenoid) are reversed. The “ball” is positioned on the glenoid and is known as glenosphere, while the “socket” is positioned on the humeral shaft.


The rotator cuff arthropathy is the primary reason for a reverse total shoulder arthropathy which is a condition of progressive arthritic degeneration of the shoulder joint. The main reason for this condition is the long-term dysfunction of rotator cuff due to non-repairable chronic rotator cuff tears within the shoulder. At least two of the four rotator cuff muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, terse minor and subscapularis) need to be torn or dysfunctional for rotator cuff arthropathic to develop. Because of the dysfunction, the normal biomechanics of the shoulder joint are lost.

Recovery after Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India :

Shoulder replacement surgery is a major operation, so you’ll likely experience pain during your recovery. You might be given pain medications by injection right after your procedure.

  • A day or so following the surgery, your doctor or nurse will give you oral drugs to ease the discomfort.
  • Rehabilitation is started right away, usually on the day of surgery. Your healthcare staff will have you up and moving as soon as possible.
  • After a couple of days you’ll be discharged from the hospital. When you leave, your arm will be in a sling, which you’ll wear for about 2 to 4 weeks.
  • You should be prepared to have less arm function for about a month after surgery. You’ll need to be careful not to lift any objects that are heavier than 1 pound. You should also avoid activities that require pushing or pulling.
  • In general, most people are able to resume gentle daily living activities within two to six weeks. You might not be able to drive for about six weeks if the surgery was done on your right shoulder for people who drive on the right side of the road, or your left shoulder for those that drive on the left side of the road.
  • It’s important to perform all home exercises that your healthcare provider recommends. Over time, you will gain strength in your shoulder.
  • It will take about six months before you can expect to return to more vigorous activities, such as golfing or swimming.

Complications after Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India :

As with any surgery, a shoulder replacement carries risks. Though the complication rate after surgery is less than 5 percent, you could experience:

  • infection

  • a reaction to anesthesia

  • nerve or blood vessel damage

  • rotator cuff tear

  • fracture

  • loosening or dislocation of the replacement components

Returning to work after Shoulder Replacement Surgery :

The exact time a person can return to work depends greatly on the motion and strength of the shoulder and how the patient is progressing. Typically:

  • Two to three weeks – Return to desk work is possible.

  • Four months or more of recovery is required for heavier, physical labor.

The presurgical condition of the person’s shoulder muscles and tendons play the largest role in the time frame of a patient’s recovery. If the muscles and tendons are in good shape prior to surgery, rehabilitation will be easier.

In all cases, proper and extensive postoperative rehabilitation are key factors in achieving the maximum benefit of shoulder replacement surgery.

Learn more about shoulder replacement surgery by exploring the additional content below, or select Treating Physicians to find the best shoulder arthritis doctor for you, based on your condition, location and insurance.

frequently ask questions shoulder replacement surgery

How safe is a shoulder replacement surgery In India?

The shoulder replacement surgery In India is very safe. The survival of the implant is 90 to 95% at 10 years after surgery and approximately 80% at 20 years after surgery. Which means it is not a complicated one provided you choose a reliable and proven hospital for undergoing the surgery.

How successful is Shoulder Arthroscopy In India?

It is more successful than open surgery as itis less painful and takes a shorter time to heal and recover. In case of a shoulder dislocation repair, the success rate can be as high as 90% whereas for impingement or rotator cuff tears, it is around 95%.

Who is The Best Surgeon For Shoulder Replacement Surgery In India

Dr. Hemant Sharma, Best Shoulder Replacement surgery In India

Dr. Hemant Sharma

MBBS, DNB, 24 Years Experience Gurgaon, India

Dr Ips oberoi,

Dr Ips oberoi

MBBS, MS, MCh 25 years of experience Gurgaon , India.

Dr. Subhash jangid,

Dr. Subhash jangid

Head of Department , DNB, MS, MBBS 20 Years of Experience Gurgaon, India.

Best Hospitals for shoulder replacement surgery in India

W-pratikasha Hospital, Best Shoulder replacement in India
Artemis Hospital,Best Shoulder replacement in India
Fortis Hospital. Best Shoulder replacement surgery In India

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