Top 10 Surgical Oncologists In India

Top 10 Surgical Oncologists In India

Surgery is one of the most common treatments for cancer. It’s used for a variety of reasons, including to determine a diagnosis and staging through biopsy, tumor removal or reduction (also called debulking) and palliative surgery to help relieve symptoms. Some patients have surgery alone, while others undergo surgery as part of an overall plan that may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other treatments.


Surgical oncologists or general surgeons may perform surgeries to treat different cancers, especially solid tumors and those contained to one area. Whether surgery is recommended depends on several factors, including the type of tumor, its location and its stage when diagnosed. Providers also consider the patient’s preferences for treatment, age and ability to tolerate surgery.


Surgical oncologists work with the cancer care team—medical oncologists, oncology nurses, radiologists, pathologists and those with a range of other medical specialties—to provide comprehensive cancer care.

Though surgical oncologists focus on cancer-specific surgeries, general surgeons also may perform these procedures. That’s particularly true for the more common cancers that require surgery: breast, skin (melanoma) and lower gastrointestinal tract (colorectal).

List of Top 10 Surgical Oncologists In India

Dr Harit Chaturvedi

1. Dr Harit Chaturvedi

Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi, India
Head of Department, 25 years of experience.

  • Dr Harit Chaturvedi is the leading Surgical Oncologist in India.
  • With More than 25 years of experience, he has worked with some of the More trusted hospitals in India.
  • He has completed his masters in Surgery and MBBS from the well-known GSVM Medical, College, Kanpur . Following which he did his Mch (Surgical Oncology) from Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai.
  • Dr Hari Chaturvedi is widely appreciated for his clinical and surgical skills in Oncology.
  • Has been supporting the cause for cancer awareness and has been a crusader against Tobacco for the last 15 years by various cancer foundations.
  • Dr Chaturvedi has appeared in various noteworthy news media like Economic Times ,Hindustan Times ,Zee News.
  • He has publications and scientific presentations in over 50 national and international conferences.
  • Dr Chaturvedi is an active member of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology, Oncology Forum, India Society of Oncology, Core Cancer Foundation, Association of Surgeons of India, Association of Breast Surgeons of India (ABSI), and Delhi Medical Association.
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

2. Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

Surgical Oncologist, Gurgaon, India
Director, 32 years of experience.

  • One of the senior most Onco-Surgeon & breast specialists in India
  • Pioneered the practice of surgical oncology & concept of organ based specialization in oncology in northern India
  • Interests are breast conservation surgery, sentinel node biopsy & breast reconstruction
  • Member of various renowned associations such as Indian Society of Oncology, Association of Surgeons of India, Indian association of Palliative care, Indian Association of surgical Oncology & European Society of Medical Oncology( ESMO)
  • Invited faculty in The International Conference on Palliative Care organized By Vatican, Rome & presented a paper on Palliative Care in Hindu Context on 12th Nov. 2004
Dr Niranjan Naik

3. Dr. Niranjan Naik

Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi, India
Consultant, 21 years of experience.

  • Dr. Niranjan Naik is Well-known and recognized Onco-Surgeon in India

  • He has Performed over 12000 cancer surgeries including Breast, Thoracic, Gastro-Intestinal & Hepatobilliary Surgeries

  • Trained in Laparoscopic Cancer Surgeries

  • Expertise’s in Breast, Thoracic (Lung & Oesophagus), Gastro-Intestinal, Colo-rectal & Hepatobilliary Surgeries, Bone and Soft Tissue Cancer Surgeries and Laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive) Cancer Surgeries

  • Member of various renowned organizations such as Delhi Medical Association (DMA) and Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika

4. Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika

Surgical Oncologist, Gurgaon, India
Senior Consultant, 12 years of experience.

  • Dr. Biswajyoti Hazarika is a renowned Surgical Oncology doctor in India

  • Specializes in surgery for cancer of the head and neck region (which comprises the oral cavity, nose and para-nasal sinuses, larynx, pharynx, thyroid gland, parathyroid (the salivary glands) and plastic & microvascular reconstruction of the resected part.
  • Dr Hazarika has several contributions in national and international medical journals and has chaired sessions in national head and surgery conferences.
Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad

5. Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad

Surgical Oncologist, Gurgaon, India
Head of Department, 14 years of experience.

  • Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad is a well-experienced Surgical Oncologist in Delhi.

  • He has an experience of over 14 years in the field of Surgical Oncology.

  • He holds expertise in Minimally Invasive Cancer Surgeries such as surgeries of the Colon, Rectum, Stomach, Esophagus, Pancreas, Liver & Gall Bladder.

  • Performed more than 50 most advanced cancer surgeries like HIPEC & PIPAC procedures so far.

  • He is actively associated with various organizations including The Association of Surgeons of India, Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India, Indian Association of Gastro-Intestinal Endoscopic Surgeons, Indian Association of Surgical Oncologists, Society of Peritoneal Surface Oncology, Indian Society of Peritoneal Surface Malignancies, International Hepato-pancreato-biliary Association, and American College of Surgeons.

  • His medical interests are Advanced Minimal Access Surgical Oncology, Pancreatic and Hepatobiliary (Liver) Cancer surgery, Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery, Upper GI (Stomach and Esophagus) Cancer Surgery, Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), Pressurized Intraperitoneal Aerosolised Chemotherapy (PIPAC), and Neuroendocrine Tumours.

  • He has several papers and publications to his credit.
Dr. Vedant Kabra

6. Dr. Vedant Kabra

Surgical Oncologist, Gurgaon, India
Consultant, 25 years of experience.
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.

  • One of the best surgeons for Breast Cancer, GI Cancer and Head & Neck Cancer surgery in India.
  • He has more than 20 years of Experience as cancer surgeon.
  • He has Performed over 12000 cancer surgeries and has successfully performed various complex onco surgical procedures.
  • He is Interesting in types of surgeries are Breast Cancer Surgery, GI Cancer Surgery, head & Neck Cancer Surgery & Thoracic Cancer Surgery.
  • Member of prestigious organizations like Indian Society of Oncology, National Academy of Medical Sciences, India and Indian Medical Association to name a few.
Dr Nitin Leekha

7. Dr. Nitin Leekha

Surgical Oncologist,
Associate Director, 14 years of experience.
Max Hospital, NOIDA

  • Dr. Nitin Leekha is one of the Surgical Oncologist with experience of nearly 14 years.
  • He has membership with the Indian association of surgical oncology, European society of Surgical oncology- ESSO, Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic surgeons of India (SELSI), and Association of Surgeons of India (ASI).
  • He is skilled in advanced Laparoscopic procedures including Minimally Invasive Esophagectomies, Laparoscopic Gastrectomies, Laparoscopic Whipples, Laparoscopic Colectomies, Laparoscopic and Laparoscopic Anterior resections, and APR.
  • Dr. Leekha has successfully performed breast cancer including all types of Oncoplastic Breast cancer surgeries, Breast conservation, Radical Mastectomy and Reconstructions
Dr. Kapil Kumar

8. Dr. Kapil Kumar

Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi, India
Director, 28 years of experience.

  • Dr Kapil Kumar is one of the Greatest Surgical Oncologist in India with more than 28+ years of experience.

  • He has worked at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre Delhi as Sr. Consultant, as Honorary Senior Consultant – Dharamshila Cancer Hospital, New Delhi.

  • Specializes in Breast cancer and oncoplastic surgery, Upper G.I. Onco surgery, Pancreatic Biliary surgery, Thoracic surgery including Esophagus cancer, Lung cancers and Mediastinal tumors.

  • Membership of renowned organizations: Life Member, Indian Society of Oncology (I.S.O.), International Society of Diseases of Esophagus (I.S.D.E.), Delhi Medical Association (D.M.A.)
Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh

9. Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh

Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi, India
Senior Consultant, 35 years of experience.

  • Dr. Vikram Pratap Singh is a highly-experienced Surgical Oncologist with nearly 35+ years in the field.

  • He has received a Clinical Fellowship at The Royal Marsden Hospital London, Oct.87- Oct 89, The Royal Free Hospital, London, 1989, and also the UICC (ICRETT) Fellowship at The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, University of Sydney,1996.

  • Dr. Singh also has under and postgraduate teaching experiences at Armed Forced Medical College.

  • He has trained at the Tata Memorial Hospitals, Mumbai and the Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

  • He has won the Mani Gold Medal for best work in rural health in 1974.

  • He has publications of over 20 highly-acclaimed professional papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals.

  • He has a keen interest in Clinical oncology, Modern radiation techniques, Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT), 3 D Brachytherapy, Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT), etc.
Dr surender kumar dabas

10. Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas

Surgical Oncologist, New Delhi, India
Director, 12 years of experience.

  • A well-known name in the field of oncology, Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas specialises in robotic head and neck surgery, trans-oral robotic, robotic GI, thoracic and gynaecological surgeries are his forte.

  • Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas is a surgical oncologist with experience more than 12 years.

  • He has done a maximum number of Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in Asia, awarded Gold Medal in Pathology, got Best Oncology Doctor award from Samita Mishra Memorial Foundation and Chairman Appreciation Award.

  • Dr. Dabas is an International mentor of Robotic Surgery and pioneer of Robotic Head and Neck Surgery in India.

  • He has numerous National and International publications under his name.

  • He holds expertise in the treatment of cancers related to skull base, oral cavity, lungs, oesophagus, thyroid and mediastinum.

  • Dr. Kumar has a membership of Indian Association of Surgical Oncology (IASO), International Guild of Robotic & Endoscopic Head – Neck Surgeons (IGREHNS), Foundation of Head – Neck Oncology (FHNO).

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